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5/21/2024 3:09:26 PM

How to Feel Ugly in 10 Simple Steps


It’s no secret that teen girls (and boys) have reached an all-time low in body-confidence. How about your daughter? Here are the 10 lies girls tell themselves about their own beauty from Backwards Beauty: How to Feel Ugly in 10 Simple Steps by author Jessie Minassian.

1. Believe What You See On Screen: Believe that the images you see every day in the media are 100 percent authentic. Then believe you can and should look like that in real life, all day every day.

2. Get “The Look” at All Costs: Whatever the culture tells you is “hot”, get that look at all costs. Pour everything you have and are into making others believe you’re beautiful.

3. Compare Yourself to Every Other Girl: Let jealousy and pride destroy potentially great friendships.

4. Believe Nasty Words: If people tell you you’re the wrong size, shape, or color, believe them. And if you ever start to feel even good about your body, tear yourself right back down with your own degrading words.

5. Refuse to Take a Compliment: When someone does say you’re beautiful, let them know why they’re dead wrong by blocking, dodging or downplaying any and all compliments.

6. View Your Body as a Power Tool: If a sexy body gives you power over guys, use it to your advantage to get what you want out of a relationship.

7. Eat Junk and Diet, Diet, Diet: Eat whatever you want. If you become overweight, try the latest fad diet or cleanse. Repeat.

8. Adore or Ignore Exercise: Take an extreme view of exercise, making it the highest priority of your life, or viewing it as torture and avoiding it at all costs.

9. Treat Your Scale like a Magic Mirror: Get on that puppy morning and night and ask whether you’re the “lightest of them all.” Make sure to obsess over any changes.

10. Idolize Beauty: Make physical beauty the end-all, highest goal of your life. Serving God and His kingdom can wait until you’ve reached mirror perfection.

For more great insight on beauty, worth and body image, pick up a copy of Backwards Beauty by the talented author Jessie Minassian.